The European Schools' Gala is an international meeting, the only one in its category, represents an important ever-expanding culture phenomenon that, in every edition, continues to enrich itself and make innovation thanks to new contents.
Students, the main protagonists, with their teachers will develop important cultural changes and live, in this international event, an experience in which art, culture, sport, wellness and friendship among peoples are concurrently present.
This international meeting has a modular structure consisting of three macro areas with precise values, goals and activities.

Area Values
Educational aspects

  • health education;
  • psychophysical wellness education;
  • values of sport.

Culture of primary prevention

  • health culture;
  • pathologies related to the wrong lifestyle;
  • healthy lifestyle.

Cultural aspects and human values

  • art and culture;
  • European citizenship;
  • multiculturalism;
  • friendship among peoples.

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