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E.S.C.O.T. - EUROPE promotes a new global challenge: to monitor and improve the lifestyle of young students participating in the first epidemiological research that will involve over 120,000 High Schools mostly from European nations, but also from other non-European nations such as U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Japan etc. with the involvement of more than 1,000,000 students among males and females aged 14 to 19.
This is a multicentric research which will allow to detect some anthropometric and functional data of utmost importance as indicators of a predisposition to develop, in a long period, pathologies which shorten life or lower its quality. Furthermore, students can improve their quality of life by consulting daily the "Smart & Healthy Village", a virtual village dedicated to a healthy lifestyle that will push them to fight a sedentary lifestyle with physical exercise practiced both in the green and the thermal environment and to nourish themselves in a correct and balanced way.
This educational path doesn’t end here, because students will compare their experiences in the fourth edition of the “European Schools' Gala”: the first worldwide meeting point dedicated to European and extra-European High Schools sensitive to youth policies designed to build a mentality to maintain and improve their health over time through healthy choices that tend to prevent the adoption of habits that are harmful to health.
Becoming a partner of the “Healthy Lifestyle” project means getting in touch with a real community where every single student benefits from both educational values and improving health.
In this international project, there are many themes and values promoted by ESCOT - EUROPE, including:

  • Health education;
  • Healthy lifestyle;
  • Psycho-physical wellbeing;
  • Primary prevention;
  • Promotion of noble sport values.

All potential partners who share the same social goals can contact us.
For more information:
Dr. Deborah Spinelli
deborah.spinelli @ escot-europe.eu

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