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The International Open Day is one of the many opportunities offered by the European Schools' Gala that will take place on April 4th - 7th 2019.
It's an International meeting addressed to Students, Teachers and Head teachers of High Schools, coming from a lot of European and non-European nations.
The International Open Day is the first international showcase for those Institutes wanting to project themselves into multiculturalism and align themselves with the needs of the European labor market.
The International Open Day, unique in its kind, is born from the will of E.S.C.O.T. - EUROPE to offer the opportunity to activate an international network of High Schools: this network allows schools to make a twinning and students enrich their own cultural patrimony, overthrowing the cultural barriers that separate the nations and, at the same time, know the needs of the European labor market.
A large exhibition area and information stands make available to provide suitable spaces to schools to present themselves on the international scene.
In particular, each school organizes, according to own needs, an exhibition space reserved to present conferences, promote projects developed jointly with schools of other nations and illustrate their own bulletin board of training placement.
In addition, students are able to improve their language skills in the foreign language, making new relationships of friendship with students from different nations.
All this allows the sense of belonging to European citizenship to grow and allows them to build a rich future of opportunities.
The International Open Day is an opportunity for those schools that have the growing need to internationalize their institute, to bring their students closer to the world of work, by offering them an ad hoc preparation and important cultural and human growth.

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