Themes and cultural activities

Many activities are scheduled for this event, because the "European Schools' Gala" has a modular structure consisting of five macro areas with precise values, goals and activities.
The macro areas are:


The "European Schools' Gala" will start with an opening ceremony, with a parade of delegations of the participating schools, presenting themselves on the international scene, also with the help of a self-produced video-clip about the school and all its activities.

What's the "International Open Day"?
It's a meeting point for all the schools that want to deepen their presentation on the international scene, to build up focused twinning and to develop cultural exchanges.
Below, there are shown goals and activities of the International Open Day.

Area Goals Activities proposed
International Open Day
  • To present High Schools on the European and extra-European scenario;
  • To twin High Schools of different nations;
  • To promote cultural exchanges between schools of different nationalities, based on the realization of joint projects;
  • To fight the wrong lifestyle of young people, promoting their psycho-physical well-being.

  • Exhibition area with stands of participating schools;
  • Project theme for the school year: "the lifestyle of twinned schools' students in comparison;
  • Photo exhibition of European schools to fight dependencies and promote psycho-physical well-being in young people;
  • Workshops with outstanding guests on the theme: "The school as the first outpost of primary prevention".

What's "Primary prevention Area"?
This area is fundamental to actively stimulate and promote the healthy lifestyle in the youth population and to teach teenagers to live in a healthy way with more responsibility and awareness, in order to prevent many chronic long-term illnesses related to the physical inactivity.
Below, there are shown goals and activities of the Primary Prevention Area.
Area Goal Activities proposed
Primary prevention
  • Area aimed to build a correct lifestyle and also based on healthy and balanced nutrition (including the use of healthy and / or therapeutic waters) and physical activity.

  • Workshops with experts: "Stop junk food. Only good and healthy food";
  • Workshops with expert: "Sport: a long life elixir";
  • Workshops with experts: the thermal wellness for young people;
  • Conference entitled "Primary presevention and thermal wellness for young people";
  • Screen of video clips produced by schools (during the school year) on the theme: “Marriage between School and Health Resort: the thermal wellness for young people”, a video clip of 3 minutes produced by schools. The best video will be awarded with the “the best video clip of International School”.

What's the "Wellness & Fitness Area"?
This area pushes students to fight a sedentary lifestyle with physical exercise in an amusing atmosphere.
Below, there are shown goals and activities of the Wellness & Fitness Area.
Area Goal Activities proposed
Wellness & Fitness
  • Area dedicated to the promotion of physical activity with recreational, socialization purpose and improvement of individual psycho-physical well-being with the aid of music.

  • Workshops of group dance;
  • Place where students can understand how to deal with the stress of everyday life;
  • Exhibition area for companies operating in the wellness & fitness sector with test area included;
  • Entire afternoon dedicated to sport event with the trophy: “the sportiest school in the world” (volleyball and soccer tournaments).

What's the "Healthy cuisine Area"?
This area is dedicated to giving students with the basic elements of a healthy and balanced diet.
Below, there are shown goals and activities of the Healthy Cuisine Area.
Area Goal Activities proposed
Healthy Cuisine

  • The promotion of healthy Mediterranean diet with "made in Italy" flavors: a diet with undoubted benefits on the longevity and human health

  • Workshops with experts: "Be careful at what you put into the dish. Health begins at the table";
  • Exhibition area of typical local products with tasting corner.

What's the "Prize-awarding Ceremony Area"?
The highlight of this event is the prize-awarding Ceremony.
Under the supervision of an International Jury, different categories of prizes will be awarded to the participating High Schools.
Prize-awarding Activities awarded
Cultural Prize

  • Video clips produced by schools (during the school year) on the theme: “Marriage between School and Health Resort: the thermal wellness for young people”, a video clip of 3 minutes produced by schools.

Sport Prize

  • “The sportiest school in the world” (volleyball and soccer tournaments);
  • The winning class of "Healthy competition", the healthiest challenge of the school year (for more information visit the "Smart & Healthy Village" section).

There will be also a party, where all the participants can enjoy the amusing and socializing moment.
The event will be concluded with guided tours that will help the students to discover the internationally known art treasures of the host city.

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