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The main pathologies, affecting above all the Western world (such as myocardial infarction, stroke, secondary diabetes etc.), can be prevented through primary prevention, which is based on conducting a healthy lifestyle.
In effect, it is now established by the medical-scientific research that health and well-being are a dynamic and non-static concept and they must be constantly safeguarded and conquered. So they depend on our daily lifestyle.
Conducting a healthy lifestyle leads to health, psychophysical well-being, a better quality of life, prolonging it.
One of the pilasters of healthy lifestyle is to lead an active, dynamic life and with the presence of a moderate intensity physical exercise. E.S.C.O.T. - EUROPE has therefore structured the project: Healthy lifestyle.
This is an articulated, multiform and multi-year scientific project that initially concerns the sedentary aspect (Healthy lifestyle: fight against the sedentary life), but which will subsequently involve other aspects of utmost importance as, first of all, nutrition.

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