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"School Wellness"

The school that cares about the psycho-physical well-being of its students actually tries to put in place youth policies aimed at building in its students a mentality (forma mentis) to maintain and improve their health over time through healthy choices.
These choices intend to prevent the adoption of bad habits that are severely harmful to health, such as sedentary life, incorrect feeding, smoking, alcohol, drugs etc. The school, that is sensitive to these issues, which seeks to put into practice actions to counteract unhealthy habits, actually offers a social service of great utility to the individual, the local community and in general the nation, because the cost of a style of incorrect life, in terms of health and health care, over time becomes increasingly higher for both the individual and the community.
E.S.C.O.T - EUROPE considers school as the first and most important outpost of local communities, where students can learn to consciously adopt a healthy lifestyle and consequently maintain it throughout their lives.
“Healthy Lifestyle” is a project of E.S.C.O.T - EUROPE that allows students to act positively on their psycho-physical health, to build in them a healthy mindset that is attentive and aware of their choices and over time this project gives the possibility of preventing the construction of the fertile substratum for the development of many serious diseases. Therefore, the school participating in this project gains the title of "School Wellness".
If your school is interested in participating in the "Healthy Lifestyle" project, please fill out the form in all its parts and, after downloaded the School Wellness' logo, send to us all the illustrative material and the initiatives already planned by your school, where the School Wellness' logo appears.

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